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"Very very useful, I can't begin to describe how well the clothes fit and how the the clothes work for me! I ordered the cashmere piece the model is wearing on the website and it very comfortable and versatile. Great addition to my wardrobe. Thank You!"

- Jun Lee


"I like the details that go into the design. There's many brands but there's a real passion into Grand Royalty and I appreciate that."

- Shaine Francis


"Wonderful! I just love the brand and how all of the elements just make sense. It makes sense in my life and in reality, I love how it ties together and how it works for me. Truly grateful!, Looking forward to the next releases!"

- Trisha


I have a lot of responsibilities as a medical student studying for my MCATS, being able to be creative and express my style in my free time is very helpful because it engages my mind and makes me feel good! Wearing Grand Royalty has definitely  allowed me to do that and more,  and in more grand ways. Thank You!

- Khoo Chung

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We believe that part of the joy of dressing well, is the versatility of alternating outfits with other fashionable outfits in your creative palette. Always looking good, feeling good! That's why we've released our Unique of the Week feature introducing all new "Unique" "One of a kind" pieces released every week in limited quantity available only while supplies last. Get them while they're available because once sold out they're discontinued. Keeps you one of a kind and always stylish... effortlessly.

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