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"Art Gallery" Face Mask

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Our 2-layer face masks have silk lining to protect your face with its fabric properties that are great for your skin, hair, and makeup (also great for men who have a beard). With non-elastic ear loops, sewn-in wire for custom nose fit and finished with gold trim, our face masks are the best facemasks on the internet!

Notice the intricate painting... none of them are made the same because each face mask had a different cut on the fold. Although it is the same fabric, it is not the same face mask so you won't see someone else with the same face mask as you which makes them all one of a kind. Enjoy! 


• Machine Wash Cold

• Stretch Cotton fabric

• Silk (Black) 

• Gold Trim 

• Built-In Wire for Custom fit - Nose Ridge 

• 2 Layer Fabric