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Do you know your size? From knowing your size, you are 63% less likely to need to process a return.
Something along the lines of, if it's not broken.. no need to fix it.  But no worries, If you don't know your size, not only will we provide you with our size guide, we'll provide an instructional video to keep you informed by teaching you how to take your body measurements through informative How-To's ... You can thank us later. 
   Grand Royalty Sizes Shoulders Arms Chest Waist




17.9 inches


34.4 inches


37.2 inches


28 inches




18.3 inches


35 inches 


38.7 inches


30 inches




18.7 inches


35.6 inches


40.3 inches


32 inches




19 inches


36.2 inches


41.9 inches


34 inches




19.4 inches


36.8 inches


43.5 inches


36 inches

How To Take Body Measurements 
1. Shoulder Length - Pass the tape measure straight across from the top of one shoulder to the other, just above your shoulder blades. 
2. Arms - Keeping your arm straight by your side, measure from the top of the shoulder to the base of your thumb. 
3. Chest - Pass the tape measure across your back, under your arms and over your breastbone at it's widest point (typically in the middle) , taking care to keep the tape measure horizontal. It should sit snugly against your body, but should not be pulled too tight. 
4. Waist - Pass the tape measure around your natural waistline at the narrowest point of your waist. The tape measure should sit snugly against your body, but should not be pulled too tight. 

Women deserve clothing that accentuates their curves and that starts with knowing what those curves are. You know your body better than we do and we know body measurements, those two components are a recipe for clothes that not only fit but clothes that fit YOU. 
Women's Body Measurements | Fit and Fabric

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