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About Our Brand

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H𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔬... this begins the biography of Grand Royalty. To understand Grand Royalty is to realize the greatest pleasures in life. Many great men and women have questioned what they need to achieve success. Success in what they do, success in what they want to do, and success in who they become. The answer to that question is the building blocks of success that make your desired goal or vision a reality. As a result of the difficulties people face in the achievement of their goals and in the full embodiment of their desires, Grand Royalty was born. If you are looking for the presence of Grand Royalty, you wouldn't have to look far. You'll notice the oasis, the creative expression in the design of the products, an resource of fulfillment, a tool to attain great wealth, a successful tropical state of mind but in short... an idea. An idea that has and continues to positively impact the world. That very idea has been the heartbeat of a personable brand name service, which is known by our customers as a magnetic feeling and luxury resource. 

"As a result of the difficulties most people face while shopping for nice clothes that fit them, social challenges, and due to our ability to invoke unwavering confidence in people ---  Grand Royalty was born "


Official Grand Royalty Menswear | Men's Clothing


Established in 2015, Grand Royalty was founded in New York -- making it 5 years of delivering quality service, and meaningful products in a timely fashion. When you hear the name Grand Royalty your mind instantly goes through flashes of opulence, memories of comfort, and a decadent vision of you at your best. Well.. what do you expect? GR was born in the Empire State. Origins of this company coming to be are often represented in the example of kings and queens, the modern representation is of beauty, elegance, success and most importantly me and you. Grand Royalty has been successful in making a strong connection and combining beauty with functionality. Producing and providing goods/services that effectively work to your advantage, and are also designed with a tasteful aesthetic that attracts you all the same. The perfect blend of art and science.. who said you can't have the best of both worlds?

Our mission is to help billions of people feel like the best versions of themselves, wearing  aesthetically pleasing clothing and engaging in quality life experiences that fulfill their needs!


How we achieve that special result is our secret recipe. But it starts with our Founder, Lacoy Todman, born and raised in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Todman has experienced life in paradise, his imagination and creativity has been built and explored in childhood. Since early in life. Todman's evolution of imagination and creativity has been explored and expanded immensely. Later in life, from growing up in New York, that intelligence has been structured and directed into a brand that employs 10 employees and helps people locally and globally worldwide. We are actively looking for more highly skilled winners who share our vision to join our mission. Life is but a beautiful adventure that gives a person purpose, meaning and true happiness. What you do with this gift of life will either define or destroy you. On a grand scale, it will change the course of life the way how Albert Einstein discovered E=MC2, how Garret Augustus Morgan invented the three-light traffic light, how Alexander Miles invented automatic elevator doors, or how Andrew Carnegie led the expansion of the Railroads Industry. 

"Our values produce quality products, instills confidence in our customers, and guides our operations."


Global Designer Fashion Brand


Our mission is to help billions of people have an award-winning appearance, engaged in grand enriching experiences, and provided an fulfilling lifestyle of valuable resourceful pleasures how they need and want it! The core values of Grand Royalty ensure the culture and traditions of the brand. We value quality craftsmanship, we value clothes that fit you, we value success in all it's measures, our values are in Integrity, Self-Respect, Leadership, Integrity, Compassion, and Opulence. Our values produce quality products, instills confidence in our customers, and guides our operations. Functionality is the bare minimum, our goods and services get the job done, and as a unique perk that differentiates us from other brands, we compassionately design the products you order to be one of your life's fondest memories. You can get multi-uses out of Grand Royalty products as they are tailored to fulfill important needs. Speaking of important needs, we additionally fulfill contracts with private sector clients, the city and state agencies, and foreign government for construction, civil engineering, consumer goods/merchandise, development, and renovations. 

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244 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10019
(917) 310-5561
If you want to get in touch with us fill out our form on the Contact Us Page or email us at our temporary but accessible business email grsocialmedia00@gmail.com
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