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Grand Royalty

Good Girl Gone Bad Pre-Shrunk Hoodie

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$64.99 USD

A fun, sporty and chic crop top hoodie for women.  This crop top hoodie highlights a creative way to celebrate courageous women for their sheer love for high fashion. It's cute but it feels even better!



• 100%  Cotton fabric 

•  Custom Embroidery

• 'Good Girl Gone Bad' Print


Today we’ll be showing you helpful ways how to care for your garments. With proper knowledge garment care know-how, you can effectively revitalize a piece of clothing just by knowing how to recognize garment care labels. Taking care of you is our priority and the knowledge we are passing on reflects the truth that we care about you! Speaking of care, learning how to wash/dry certain fabrics will save you a headache in life.  Skip the trouble simply by learning how to wash clothes properly to get out stains, and wine spills, avoid shrinkage, or learn techniques on how to get it done better! 

Garment Care Symbols
Some people learn from verbally (linguistic), others learn visually and others are auditory learners. Are you a visual learner?, We got you. We've provided a picture that you can reference to wash your clothes right now!
Grand Royalty Garment Care | Fabric and Garment Care Symbols

The Process of Getting That Airy Clean Smell

Hey, what's the fastest way to learn something? some would say.. by doing it! So we made it easy for you to get it done! Watch this helpful video on how to wash clothes to get out stains, to avoid shrinkage, or to avoid fading the colors in your clothing.  


There you have it, from applying this knowledge you’d answer some burning questions about how to not fade the color in clothing, how to get stains out, and how to prolong the use of your clothing. Don’t be ashamed if you didn’t know these essential tips, School doesn’t teach this type of stuff and if your parents didn’t teach you how, How else would you have known?! 
Knowledge is a powerful thing, the more you know, the more you grow!
You. Are. Welcome!
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