Human Resources  
Hi, Are you looking for employment? We have a number of positions available in our departments. To give you an idea of what it's like working for us, let's tell you a brief background about us. We were founded in 2015 in New York, which denotes the modern approach we have to company culture and work environment. Opportunities are available for determined, skillful, and effective workers with a great attitude. 

Work AtmosphereOur company culture is a well organized collective atmosphere that ensures a positive working environment. This is important to us because first and foremost the wellbeing and happiness of our employees mean something to us. From a great happy internal community of employees, business will do exponentially well all the while being a great place to work. We treat our customers like royalty, and to ensure that, we make sure our team are happily working behind the scenes producing, directing, helping to guarantee our vision is completed everyday in service to our customer. A strong brand is built on trust and loyalty and we actively exceed expectations to deliver on our message to our customers. Branding is a promise, and we'd love to have you on board fulfilling that promise to billions of people worldwide. 

We have positions available from vital Human Resources and corporate positions to essential entry level positions. When you join Grand Royalty, you join a global family. We ensure that our employees have just as many memorable moments as our customers. 
Grand Royalty First Production Factory  
Diving into the employment opportunities available our current positions are: 
Procurement Engineer - Responsible for contracting management, bidding on contracts, and being the point of contact for government relations
Secretary/ Virtual Assistant - Working closely with our C.E.O in our B2B department. Picking up/returning calls and handling email communications
Social Media Interns - To manage the social media profiles of Grand Royalty to communicate our message in the effect of connecting with our target market.
Operational Manager - To oversee production, manage clients, grow CRM database and maintain workflow in different departments. 
We are currently building our job portal to make it easier to apply. Are you interesting in employment? Have you came to this page from our job posting on a different website? Fill out our contact form with the position you're applying for along with your resume! We'll get back to you within 2 days.