How To Network Successfully:

A Guide To Social Connections  [5 min. read]

You walk into the room of that networking conference you've registered for.. your hands are clamoring with mild sweat, anxious to make new connections. As you survey the room looking at everyone there, you ask yourself... How am I going to do this?

If this has ever been you, you are not alone. As many already know, My name is Lacoy Todman, Founder of Grand Royalty Inc. and I am going to teach you how to be successful in your social endeavors. This valuable information can also help in your love life but let's tackle one thing at a time here haha! Having networking for more than 8 years every day (yes every single day) I have gained valuable experience that allows me to read people QUICKLY and ACCURATELY, make very important connections, and have granted me the privilege of being on the VIP list consistently at high profile events, parties, and shows. How have I done it? Let's get into that, take a walk with me...

    "Your Network Is Your Net-Worth"

   And this couldn't be any truer. Growing up in New York, It is the unofficial mantra that "It's Who You Know, Not What You Know". Meeting people is essential to furthering your career, business, and social life but it's not all about you! ... Wait, what do you mean by that? I'll explain. Consider the un-obvious fact that everyone who is going to a social networking event, is going there to network with people. Did you hear the underlying truth in that statement? Other people are the main focus of your and their attendance. So why do people at these events go on and on about themselves? This is their first mistake. People love to talk, so you should listen. People will take a liking to you more because by listening, you've shown that you're interested in them. From changing this one thing in your approach, you'll quickly see that the person you are speaking to is more interested and engaged with you. 


People Networking

Networking is professional dating. Be mindful of who you need and who needs you, and move accordingly. What do you offer and who benefits the most from what you offer? Through this process, you'll get an idea of how big is the problem you solve and how many people need this problem solved. Over time and with my professional insight, you'll become better at your ability to be effective in networking. Traditionally, you'll need a business card or in the modern world, you'll need a social media presence explaining further what your services or products. Once you have engaged successfully, end the conversation by asking "do you have a business card" and offer yours in exchange. Typically you'll want to network with your prospect for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes. This ensures that at the least, you've correlated your profession, products, and services to your new contact to a common understanding and guarantees that you'll not only be connected with a person, but leaving them with a clear understanding of who you are, who they are and enthusiasm to connect again at a later time. 

  The format of your networking should go like this... Introduction -> Beneficial Connection -> Relation Building -> Exchange of Contact Information -> Follow Up Date/Email. Each component of your interaction should establish a foundation for a successful social connection. Once these principles are set, networking is substantially easier. It is in human nature to be social, we are naturally social creatures but often it is not clear how to do this. By following this conversation flow it will feel more natural and make people WANT to meet you.

 "It's Who You Know, Not What You Know"

 Networking, Professional,

Congratulations! You smart individual you! You've successfully established the relationship that'll change your life forever! But don't leave yet, you're not done! Come back here, this next step is where many people fail at, that you will ultimately succeed in. FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP.... *takes a deep breath* FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP. Let's disprove the myth that first impressions last forever, you've got passed the first date, but did you get a second date? First impressions set the basis for the second date and first impressions only last until the second time around. You can mess up the second time and the conversation goes nowhere from that point. Makes sense? Sorry, you've been lied to but you got me and I got you. The foundation you've built including the follow up will quickly turn your cold lead to a warm lead. Here's how you can successfully follow up and close the deal. Use this format to re-connect with your prospect for the best results. 

Hello ___, 

My name is __(Name)___. We've previously met at ___(Location)______ on __(Date)_____. We were discussing the _(Conversation contents)_ and I wanted to follow up with you about _(Solution to the problem or Service You Offer)__. You were telling me about what you need or want to accomplish and __(Service You Offer) can help you see greener pastures or the breakthrough you are looking for. Let's meet up on __(Date)__ or schedule a phone call at an appropriate time to discuss how we can do business. 

You can reach me at (555)555-5555 or expect a reply to your email within 1-3 days. It was great meeting you and I look forward to hearing from you again.

All the best, 



Contact Information


Follow this format and your success is guaranteed. Look out for the second article to"How To Network Successfully" for further details that'll expand your network from local to global!

Written by Lacoy Todman, Founder of  Grand Royalty, Inc.

19, January 2020

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